BDS-Down the years

In 25.7.92 BDS was Established in at IMA hall.
1st clinical meet at SJMCH-22.08.92,

Thanks to Dr. Chetan from AMC, Dr. Reethi Malhotra, Dr.Girish, Dr. Vinay - PG's from BMC, Dr. Yogesh, Dr. Vijendran,
Dr. Shivayogi, Dr. Bhagwath-PG's from Command hospital & all the medical companies who are sponsoring the medicines.

19939 clinical meetings + BDS Bulletin published.
19948 clinical meetings + GBM,
19957 clinical meetings,
19967 clinical meetings + 1st annual social get-together at Estate club. ADSI Conference at KIMS hospital.
19977clinical meetings.
1998[Feb] GBM at Command hospital- Elections for the various posts (first time)
19988 clinical meetings, The annual meet at Dominion club. On 27.8.98 BDS Registered.
19996 clinical meetings, Social get-together at Micro lab farm house.
1999[Feb] Sponsored lecture by Rino Cerio on Psoriasis.
1999[March] Skin & STD camp at Central prisons with Rotary. International workshop on Pigmentation & Pigmentary disorders at SJMCH; Organiser- Dr.Rajendran S C
1999[Dec] 1st GBM of registered BDS at command hospital:
20006 clinical meetings + Annual social get-together at Patel's Inn.
28th National Conference of IADVL- Dermavision Beyond 2000, Surgical Laser workshop at NSHC, Organiser- Rajendran S C
CME programme on Dermato therapy at Command Hospital.
Dec 2000GBM at Command hospital, BDS Web site inaugurated
2001-2003GBM Elections,GBM - EC members to set up rules & regulations regarding BDS elections March 01 BDS elections & results were announced in April.
20017 clinicalmeetings, Biostar get-together, Picnic for the family at Big Banyan tree.
2001 - [July 01]Medivision guest lecture series, Dr.Sacchidanand & skin dept of Victoria hospital started, 52 lectures continuously for a year.
DO GREEN Program:Dr.Reddy's Lab-Members Planted 100 saplings at Victoria Hospital.
2001 - [Dec]CME program at Command hospital- Cosmetic update
2002 7 clinical meetings, Annual social get-together at Jungle lodges nature camp at Bannerghatta-Jan 03
2002 - [April]Conducted Skin camp with Lions club at Central Prisons.
2002 - [Sept]Symposia on Hair loss, Dr.Anil Abraham-SJMCH,
2002 - [Oct]South zone conference of IADVL Organisers Dr.Sacchidanand.
2002 - [Nov]Derm-Path club, Dr.Elizabeth at SJMCH-Quarterly meet with Pathologists.
2002 - [Nov]Regular Skin camp is conducted by BDS at Central prisons on 2nd Sat of every month.
2002 - [Dec]CME program at Command Hospital-Ages of Man & their Dermatoses