BDS - Bangalore Dermatological Society

Bangalore Dermatological society was found in 1992 and is not for profit organisation. It functions under the banner of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists, our national body.

The BDS was found with the following goals in mind

  • Enhance professional cohesiveness
  • Encourage the spirit of fraternity and the collegial spirit
  • Provide a platform for the up gradation of professional information, standards and skills
  • Provide a platform for the up gradation of professional information, standards and skills
  • Guard and enhance professional and ethical standards of the members and thereby enhance the honour of the profession 

BDS-Down the years

  • In 25.7.92 BDS was Established in at IMA hall.
  • 1st clinical meet at SJMCH-22.08.92,
  • 93 - 9 clinical meetings + BDS Bulletin published,
  • 94 - 8 clinical meetings + GBM,
  • 95 - 7 clinical meetings,
  • 96 - 7 clinical meetings + 1st annual social get-together at Estate club. ADSI Conference at KIMS hospital.
  • 97 - 7clinical meetings.
  • 98 - [Feb] GBM at Command hospital- Elections for the various posts (first time)

First Office Bearers

President : Dr.S.D.N.Gupta
Vice-President : Dr.Satish Bhonsle
Secretary / Treasurer : Dr.K.Srinivasa Murthy
Joint-Secretary: Dr.Nagaraja
EC members: Dr.Rajendran, Dr.Nagabhushan, Dr.Col.Dash, Dr.M.G.Gopal, Dr.Premalatha Dr.Parvathy, Dr.D.A.Satish Dr.Maya Phillip, Dr.Krupashankar

All this was done as the society was growing; as it has to be registered as a society. Dr.D.A.Satish was Editor of BDS Bulletin. By-laws of BDS as per IADVL were put into place.

98 - 8 clinical meetings, The annual meet at Dominion club. On 27.8.98 BDS Registered. 99 - 6 clinical meetings, Social get-together at Micro lab farm house. 99 - [Feb] Sponsored lecture by Rino Cerio on Psoriasis. 99 - [March] Skin & STD camp at Central prisons with Rotary. International workshop on Pigmentation & Pigmentary disorders at SJMCH; Organiser- Dr.Rajendran S C

99 [Dec] 1st GBM of registered BDS at command hospital:
Resolutions - Role of EC-defined

  • Annual meet, Judges for best papers, Nominated a panel of doctors for expert opinion-ML cases. EC to include HOD of all medical colleges,
  • BDS to utilize the funds properly, Funding for poor patient's treatment,Seed money for workshops,
  • Buying a building for BDS, Funding a PG for specialty courses. To start a PG clinic for exam going PG's
  • 2000- 6 clinical meetings + Annual social get-together at Patel's Inn.
  • 28th National Conference of IADVL - Dermavision Beyond 2000, Surgical Laser workshop at NSHC, Organizer - Rajendran S C
  • CME programme on Dermato therapy at Command Hospital.
  • Dec 2000-GBM at Command hospital, BDS Web site inaugurated
  • 2001-2003 GBM Elections,
  • GBM - EC members to set up rules & regulations regarding BDS elections
  • March 01 BDS elections & results were announced in April. 

Office Bearers Office bearers elected for the first year unanimously

  • President :    Dr.S.D.N.Gupta
  • Vice-President  :  Dr.S.C.Rajendran
  • Secretary/Treasurer  :  Dr.K.Srinivasa Murthy
  • Joint-Secretary : Dr.H.V.Nataraj
  • EC members : Dr.Satish Bhonsle, Dr.C.S.Naik, Dr.D.S.Krupashankar, Dr.S.Sacchidanand, Dr.Nagaraja, Dr.M.Narayan Reddy.
  • CME programme : on Dermato therapy at Command Hospital.

2001 - 7 clinical meetings, Biostar get-together, Picnic for the family at Big Banyan tree. 2001 - [July 01] Medivision guest lecture series, Dr.Sacchidanand & skin dept of Victoria hospital started, 52 lectures continuously for a year.

DO GREEN Program:
Dr.Reddy's Lab-Members Planted 100 saplings at Victoria Hospital.


  • 2001 - [Dec] CME program at Command hospital- Cosmetic update.
  • 2002 - 7 clinical meetings, Annual social get-together at Jungle lodges nature camp at Bannerghatta-Jan 03
  • 2002 - [April] Conducted Skin camp with Lions club at Central Prisons.
  • 2002 - [Sept] Symposia on Hair loss, Dr.Anil Abraham-SJMCH,
  • 2002 - [Oct] South zone conference of IADVL Organisers Dr.Sacchidanand.
  • 2002 - [Nov] Derm-Path club, Dr.Elizabeth at SJMCH-Quarterly meet with Pathologists.
  • 2002 - [Nov] Regular Skin camp is conducted by BDS at Central prisons on 2nd Sat of every month. Thanks to Dr.Chetan, from AMC, Dr.Reethi Malhotra, Dr.Girish, Dr.Vinay-PG's from BMC, Dr.Yogesh, Dr.Vijendran, Dr.Shivayogi, Dr.Bhagwath-PG's from Command hospital & all the medical companies who are sponsoring the medicines.
  • 2002 - [Dec] CME program at Command Hospital-Ages of Man & their Dermatoses

Executive Committee, meets regularly from 1999-2003, 4 meets a year:
Panel of doctors for ML cases, Judges for best papers for each meet, Conducting regular annual meet, Managed to have one CME meet every year, BDS Bulletin regularly thro' Micro & on net, Life member certificates, Formulated rules & regulation for conducting BDS Elections, Took decision regarding the power of EC to utilize up to sum of Rs.50, 000/=& above Rs.50, 000/=GB should decide. Decided not to pursue about hiring or buying an office for our society. To use the secretary's office as the society's office. Decided to give President Medallion & trophies for outgoing President & Secretary. Regarding changing the name of BDS as BDS-IADVL as proposed by IADVL, to ask & ratify at GBM-2003