The second BDS CME for the year 2015-2017, will be held on 26-7-15 at KMC hall 2, Vidyabhavan, Miller’s tank bed area, Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru.

This CME will be hosted by Vydehi institute of medical sciences under the guidance of Prof Dr Hanumanthayya Keloji.

We thank all the BDS members for attending the first CME on 28-6-15 in large numbers and we are sure you will all continue to benefit in the coming months.

BDS CME 9.30 am to 11.30 am
1) Dr Kiran C – Multiple Clustered Dermatofibroma – A case report
2) Dr Balasubrahmanyam – Acquired Cutis Laxa with recurrent urticaria
3) Dr Priya J Talageri – Wells syndrome
4) Dr Mamatha P – Scleroderma with Rheumatoid arthritis
5) Dr Amitha L N – Netherton’s Syndrome
6) Dr Nida – Bullous SLE with lupus nephritis in a child
7) Dr Jaidev – Our experience with Rituximab
8) Dr Sonakshi S –Dermoscopic features of Papulosquamous disorders
9) Dr Kushubu Tantia – A cases series of Actinomycosis
10) Dr Sheena Singh – Porphyria- A rare case report
11) Dr Minakshi B K – Brook Speigler Syndrome
12) Dr Ashwini N– Dyschromatosis Universalis Heridateria
13) Dr Saiswetha – Job’s Syndrome- A case report
14) Dr K Hanumanthayya – Beliefs & facts stranger than fiction.

BDS FOUNDER’S DAY 11.30 am to 12.15 noon
As part for our Founders day celebrations we are proud to felicitate our senior colleagues .
Dr H V Nataraja (Retd Prof & HOD – BMCRI )
Dr Vivekanand (Prof & HOD -RRMC)
Dr Hanumanthayya Krloji (Prof & HOD- VIMS)
Dr Maya Phillip (Senior Consultant – Mallya hospitals)

12.15 noon to 12.45 pm ( 20 mins + 10 mins )
Probiotics in Dermatology – Mr Vijayraghavan

12.45 pm to 1.15 pm
Panel discussion on Probiotics

Moderator – Dr Shivaswamy HOD MSRMC
Panelists – Dr Krupashankar
Dr Neelima Sharma
Mr Vijayraghavan

1.15 pm to 1.45 pm ( 20 mins + 10 mins)
Mr Pradeep – Chartered Accountant – Will speak on IT returns and investment for professionals

On the spot – Quiz/ spotters 15.00 mins

Minutes of the EC meeting held on 28-6-15

Sub committees

1. Web site
Dr Jayanth D P
Dr Nagaraju T S
Dr Umashankar

2. E mails / sms/ whattsapp /Face book
Dr Urmila
Dr Mahesh
Dr Chetan

3.  Awards -Thesis/ papers/ posters/ paper presentation
Dr Sanjana
Dr Eswari
Dr Urmila

4. BDS research grant – Dermpath/vitiligo/others
Dr Sangolli
Dr Nagesh T S
Dr Ravindra Babu

5. News letter/ handouts
Dr Praveen Kumar
Dr Prabhakar Sangolli
Dr Dr Shivayogi

6. Quiz/ spotters-
Dr Nandini
Dr Savitha

7. Site/ office space for BDS

8. Rural camps
Dr Sacchidanand
Dr Jagadish P
Dr Madan Mohan
Dr Mahesh Kumar
Dr Neelima

9. Venue for rural camps – Harohalli
1. Examination of patients
2. Vitiligo awareness
4. Schools/ gen practitioners/ health workers to be involved.
5. Skin hygiene ppt in all camps
6. Camps once in two months

The date for the next Rural camp to be conducted by the KIMS team in August will be announced shortly.